Security Suite
for Android Devices

With Android Security Suite you will receive the most effective, easy-to-use virus and malware protection available.

Do I need Antivirus?

No OS is completely safe, protection is a requirement across all mobile platforms. Criminals will always be looking for ways to exploit and steal your information for their personal gain. Protect yourself before it is too late, get Android Security Suite now.

Android's Most Intelligent Antivirus Engine on the Market

Android Security Suite's real-time protection features will shield your device from cybercriminals that try to steal your passwords, identity, bank account info and other personal data. The A.S.S engine has been proven to detect more threats than other solutions on the marketplace.

Deep Scan Apps and Zip files

Enabling the Deep Scanning option will actually break apps and zip files down to their core file structures and look for possible threats lurking within.

Real Time Protection

Real-time protection constantly monitors you app installs, updates and alerts you the moment any suspicious activity is detected. In addition, A.S.S also monitors changes to your files, something very few of the other guys do.

Safe Browsing

Enabling the Safe Browsing feature will monitor your web activity and alert you if you are visiting a website that is known to contain malicious content.

More than Just Antivirus for Android

Most people are unaware that they can infect their Windows computer simply by connecting it to their PC to transfer files or even charging it via usb cable. Android Security Suite scans for both Android and Windows threats to prevent spreading an infection between devices.

Easy Customizable Security Engine

You can easily customize whatever level of protection you want.

Detailed Scan Results

View all threats in detail, take care of them one by one or let the App do it for you.

Powerful Scan Engine

Our engine is so powerful so it breaks apart Apps and Zip files, to look inside for posible threats.

Ready to protect your phone?

Protect you device now by downloading Android Security Suite.

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Requires Android OS version 3.0 or higher.